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David R. Newman
Lead Trainer

For more than 30 years, I have been engaged in the professional use of firearms and defensive tactics. I began teaching these skills professionally in 1996. As a student, I enjoy learning new skills and the applications of them. As a teacher, I enjoy sharing this culmination of knowledge to provide efficient value to my students. I believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves and be secure in their everyday lives. To pursue these ideals I founded Providence Consulting & Associates LLC.  The goal being to provide local high quality training to the general public that is value priced when compared to the national level trainers.

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I became a Police Officer in 1990 and hold a current commission as a Police Officer in the State of Ohio. I achieved my first firearms instructor certification in 1996. I am also certified by the State of Ohio to develop adult learning curriculum and to provide instruction in a variety of topics that include but are not limited to Firearms, Defensive Tactics, OC/CS Repellent, ASP Tactical Baton, and the Lawful Use of Force.

State of Ohio Certified Firearms Instructor: 

  • Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor

  • Red Dot Pistol Instructor

  • Revolver Instructor

  • Shotgun Instructor

  • Tactical Rifle / Carbine Instructor

  • Select Fire Rifle / SMG Instructor


Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program Instructor 1999-2002:

  • Administration

  • Legal

  • Human Relations

  • Firearms

  • Subject Control

  • Patrol

  • Civil Disorders

  • Traffic

  • Investigation

Rangemaster Instructor Program:

  • Basic Instructor Course Graduate

  • Advanced Instructor Course Graduate

  • Master Instructor Course Graduate


  • 250 Pistol Course Graduate

  • Winner - Class Shoot Off

Thunder Ranch:

  • The Perfect Storm Course Graduate

Additional Training

I am committed to continuing my education and regularly attend classes as a student each year to remain current and obtain new perspectives on how to best provide quality instruction for my students.


In this pursuit I train with many nationally recognized instructors to include:

  • Pat Rogers of EAG Tactical 

  • Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch

  • Tom Givens of Rangemaster

  • Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts

  • John "Doc" Spears of Forge Tactical

  • John "Chappy" Chapman of Forge Tactical

  • Joe Weyer of Alliance PD & Weyer Tactical

  • Will Petty of Centrifuge Training (VCQB Instructor)

  • Chase Jenkins of Centrifuge Training (VCQB)

  • Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting

  • Kris "Tanto" Paronto of Battleline Tactical

  • Dave "Boon" Benton of Battleline Tactical

  • Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training

  • Ed Monk of Active Self Protection

  • Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical

  • Chris Sizelove of Blue Force Gear

  • John Hearne of Two Pillar Training

  • Rob Haught of Symtac Consulting

  • Travis Haley of Haley Strategic

  • Chris Costa of Costa Ludus

  • Chip Lasky of TNVC & Unity Tactical

  • Rob Leatham - U.S. & World Champion, USPSA Grand Master

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