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This target is intended to be used for drills that are shot on B8 repair centers (8 - X rings).  Since it is printed on a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper it is not a true B8 repair center but it will provide a convenient equivalent for stand alone B8 center drills or when you are good enough you don't need the rest of the B8 target.


If you've trained with Chuck Pressburg of Presscheck Consulting you know he will call me cheap for providing this target and you cheap for using a free printable target instead of purchasing proper B8 repair centers.  You have been warned.

PCA LLC - B8 Center Training Target

SKU: T0004
  • Used to develop speed and accuracy.  These can be used at any distance but the B8 is the official NRA 25 yard slow fire pistol target.

    • Many drills are available based on the B8 or B8 center targets
    • Commonly you fire a 10 rd string for score (max 100 points)
    • Line breaks count as the higher score
    • A time limit is usually set based on distance.  Example 10 seconds at 10 yards or 30 seconds at 25 yards.
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