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This target is intended to be used in conjunction with the PCA LLC Skill Development Target - 2.  Together they provide a practical target system designed to stack focused skill development to maximize training time and effectiveness.

PCA LLC Skill Development Target - 1

SKU: T0001
  • Used to train practical accuracy for high thoracic body shots before transitioning to photorealistic targets.  Generally used at 3 - 7 yards.

    • The 5" x 7" center zone represents the body target zone with a focused aiming point inside (2.5" angry smiley).
    • The light gray dotted lines shrink the center zone for more accuracy or for cadence drills.
    • The black arrow at the bottom of the target is a two part target zone.  Part 1 is the vertical portion which is a mini 1" line target.  Part 2 is the triangle which is a RDS pistol zero confirmation target (use the small black dot for pistol RDS mechanical offset training).
    • The small black dot at the top of the target is a teaching aid for AR platform rifle RDS mechanical offset.
    • Use the light gray 2" circle targets for accuracy drills or RDS pistol zero confirmation.
    • Intended for use in conjunction with Skill Target 2.
    • Post Skill Target 2 at normal head height.
    • Post Skill Target 1 immediately below it to approximate normal chest height.
    • If used with Skill Target 3 post target 3 below or to the left/right of target 1.
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